Last mini runs

A mix of new and used lasts, priced accordingly

Check for single pairs on the singles page

The lasts offered in this section are "mini-runs" and "runs"  those hard to find assortments of consecutive sizes in the same style.  A progression of sizes is the "Holy Grail" for shoe makers seeking lasts.  It  gives you the ability to accomodate clients (or yourself!) with two different size feet.

These lasts are priced by the set, no splitting of pairs.  For Single lasts, please look under the "Single Last Pairs 4 Sale" page.

All lasts are presented as marked.  No warrant is made for fitting individual feet.  All are sold AS IS.  Heel heights are approximations, based on comparisons to heels in my stock, or a heel guage.

All lasts are sold on a First Come First Serve basis.  If you like it, buy it.  It may not be here next time.


Inquiries for size availability:


Sandal last thong cut
Women's Thong Cut Sandal Last

Women's Thong Cut Sandal Last

   Made in the USA
   Brand New Lasts
   $85 per pair, $510 per set,  plus shipping
   A few single pairs,  inquire for your size




Last #822
The mid range heel with a square blade toe you've requested.  Dressy, business like and COMFORTABLE.

A brand new last, just recreated from a vintage sample.

Toe:  square blade

Heel:  2.25 inches

Sizes:  Inquire for your size.  Usually stock 8,9, 10 B's

Price:  $85 per pair, plus shipping.

Last 822 2.25 inch heel
Brand New High Heel Lasts

Style:  816

Toe:  Pointed

Material:  Plastic

Heel:  Approximately 2.25 inches

Hinge:  Classic V hinge

Sole:  No sole iron, ready for cement construction

Sizes: Inquire for sizing
Price: $85 per pair plus shipping. 

High Heel Shoe Last
Style 816 on Sample 2.25 Heel
High heel shoe last pointed toe
Style 116, pointed toe high heel
Brand New!  Four Inch High Heels!

Style:  116

Toe:  Pointed

Heel:  Approximately 4 inches

Sole:  No sole iron.  Ready for cement construction

Material:  Plastic

Sizes:  Inquire for sizing

Price:  $85 per pair

Pointy Toe Classic Flats!

Style 376

Toe:  Pointed

Heel:  flat-3/8 inch

Sole:  No sole iron, ready for cement construction

Sizes:  5B, 6B, 7B,8B,9B, 10B  Sold as a run but I have some individual sizes
Price:  $85 per pair, plus shipping via Fedex, UPS, USPS

This is the last for those sexy shoes that are kind to your feet. 

Pointed Toe Shoe Lasts
Pointy Toe Classic Flat #376
2 1/4 inch high heel shoe last
Irene Women's Last

Women's Last

Mfg:  Made in the USA

Style:  Irene

Sizes:   Usually stock whole sizes 6-10B subject to prior sale.  Inquire for your size.

Material:  plastic

Heel:  apparosimately 2.25 inches

Toe:  Gently Pointed

This last is one of my favorites.  It is a great fitter.

ballet flat oval toe
Style 1700 Flat women's last, oval toe

Women's Last

Made in the USA

Style:  1700

Sizes:  6-11 B, some narrows
Some sizes are brand new, re-created at $85, plus shipping

Remaining used sizes are $28, plus shipping

Material:  plastic

Heel:  Approximately 3/8"

Toe:  Oval


Price: $28 per used pair, $85 per new pair, plus shipping