Shoe Components

Prefabricated Shank Boards

Premade shankboards in two sizes:

Foamed rounded toes for heel heights 2.25-2.5 inches
Pointed toe UNFOAMED for 3.5-4 inch heels.
Instructions included for modifying toe shape and width.
Single pair:  $5 plus shipping
3 pairs for $12 plus shipping.
You can mix and match styles and sizes.


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Pre fabricated shoe shankboards
shankboards 2.5 inch heel height
2.25-2.5 inch heel height shankboards
high heel shank board women's
3.5-4inch heel pre fabricated shankboard
3.5-4 inch heel prefabricated shankboard. Does not include heel. Whole sizes 6-12. Three pair for $12.

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"Special Instructions"
Tips for modifying shankboards included with your purchase.

2.25-2.5 inch heel shankboards. Three pairs for $12. Whole sizes 5,7,8,9,10
foam Celtec non-foamn celtec
Insole Board with and without foam
Plain Insole Board Celtec 39 x 59 inches, enough for over 25 pairs of women's shoes
Foamed insole board 39x 59 inches. Enough for voer 25 pairs of women's shoes