Hard-to-find Shoemaking Supplies

Find the supplies you need without the hassle of resale numbers, large minimum orders, wholesale only policies, or suppliers who only sell to shoe repair shops.

I found some of the impossible to find items and will share with you.  You'd have to run all over a major shoe making city to find this stuff and you'd never find much of it except in China where most shoemaking is done today.

I also include instructions  where applicable.

Just email me at   pres@georgene.net  and I'll calculate shipping charges for you.

I accept, cashier's checks, money orders, or any e check or credit card through PAYPAL.

I'm adding items as fast as I can so check back often.


Heat Activated Toe Box Material

Used by Shoe manufacturers and Shoe Making Schools

Thermo sheeting used by shoe manufacturers and shoe making schools to form the toe boxes of shoes so the toes don't cave in.

Fuzzy knit on one side, slick thermo plastic with adhesive on the other.

Activate in a common toaster oven.  Form your toe boxes in a few minutes.

Large 39 x 60 inch sheet is enough for over 25 pairs of shoes or boots. Eight pages of instructions with color pictures included FREE.

Photos taken on a mock up of lining leather stretched over a last in the brown .5 size of toe box which photographs better than the white .7 size.  Orders will be filled with WHITE .7 size toe box, the weight of commerical pre cut toe boxes. Convenient instant purchase via PayPal button below.  $20 per sheet plus $15 shipping within the United States via Priority Mail.  Additional shipping charges may apply to destinations outside the United States.  For a shipping quote, email to pres@georgene.net.

Toe Box Material Applied Over Mock Up of Lining Leather
Toe Box Material Forms Nicely Over End of Toe
Toe Box Material Holds Its Shape When Cool
Assorted Shoe Making Supplies

A Little Bit of Everything

Sample Box of Goodies

$150 plus shipping

This box of goodies gives you an overview of the tough stuff to find materials.  It's valued at at least $200 and will give you a quick fix of elusive materials.  It includes:

1 pair used vintage shoe lasts valued at $25 or
 $25 credit toward a more expensive pair of lasts

10-12 square feet of lining leather.  Black or Natural.  Natural skins vary in square footage.  You might get more!  Full grain use either smooth or suede side


1 sheet heet activated toe box material for up to 25 pairs.

1 sheet foam, texon insole board

1 strip black 5 iron composition outsole
1 strip EVA foam--great for adding cushiness to the fore sole
1 strip Green Board for shank board construction

3 assorted sizes of top line tape

3 yards, black channel elastic

3 yards, natural channel elastic

3 pairs of heels

3 pairs of prefabricated insole boards with shanks

Some "surprise" shoe making grab bag stuff

12 pages of illustrated instructions for insoles, toe boxes, leather counters.

Assorted Shoe Making Supplies
Fiberglass Heat Set Shoe Shank Shankboard
Fiberglass Heat Set Shank
Heat Set Fiberglass Shank 3 yards
Fiberglass lshoe shank sured to all heel heights
Cured Fiberglass shank

Individual Shoemaking Items

Need a hard- to- find shoemaking item?  Email me at pres@georgene.net for availability of topline tape, shank boards, shoe cutting dies, channel elastic, tuck board, heat-activated and chemical-activated toe puff/toe box material, lining leather,buckles etc.  Benefit from the leg work I've already done to find and buy these items in large quantities.